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Boutique Recording, Mixing & Mastering ...
Professional Results @ Independent Rates!
Not in Portland? Online Mixing is available ...
Get your tunes professionally mixed
using the latest software coupled with 
analog summing to bring 
warmth and depth to your music!
Whether you want it to bump in the club,
scream out the radio or just a 
lush acoustic set to sound nice on NPR ...
We've got you covered!!!
25 yrs. experience with major label credits!
Check the video page to hear some of the recent mixing and mastering projects ...
Starting a mixing project:
How Many Tunes to be Mixed?
single song mix $475
5 songs or more $400 each
10 songs or more $350 each 
Custom pricing is also available!
Small track counts - 10 tracks or less per song as low as $99/song mixed and mastered!
Contact us with information about your project including the number of songs you want mixed, any special requests such as; autotune, editing, arrangement, sound replacement, bounce to analog should also be included in the email.
You can register & upload your tunes using Dropbox  or  Google Drive  ... If you have a Gmail account you automatically get 15 GB of storage and transfer space to send your files. Once registered you'll send the files to:princestrickland@gmail.com
If you're using Logic, Protools HD, LE, M-box  or Ableton please just send entire session.
Any other DAW ... files should be exported/bounced in the following fashion.
Send in a loss-less format such as wav or aif preferably at ...
16/24 bit @ 44.1k - 48k up to 192k.
Make sure all exported files start at the same point ie. bar 1 beat 1 ... include tempo map if applicable.
Please label all such files as; kick, snare, hat, bass, guitar, lead vocal or something similar, so the parts can be easily distinguished.
Because of the time investment put into achieving a great mix, I'm sorry to say, "No free samples for mixing!" ... If you'd like to hear examples of recent work go to the   Videos page!